greener golf group

Facilitating golf’s new narrative.

Utilize data to objectively demonstrate the economic, environmental, and community value of a golf facility. Build partnerships, create a better golf experience, save resources and money, reach new audiences, and grow the game by growing golfers.

“Greener” golf: maybe not greener turfgrass, but greener environmentally, more profitable and greener economically, greener as engaging people to start playing golf for a greener future.


greener golf index

Scoring matrix capturing the impact of a golf facility by measuring and analyzing economic, environmental, civic, and golfer experience data. Initially developed at the University of Minnesota as part of the Science of the Green Initiative.

Sustainability focuses on optimization and efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing revenue generating opportunities. Additionally, consumer trends indicate the importance of environmental and social sustainability when customers make purchasing decisions.

The Greener Golf Index measures these factors, giving you recommendations for improvement, and the ability to objectively demonstrate the positive efforts of your golf facility.

Services of Greener GOlf


Create environmental and social allies in your community, creatively engage more golfers, facilitate education in life skills, the sciences, and the arts through the games of golf. Make your facility a community hub.

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Gain the ability to describe your facility according the ecosystem services and natural capital values that a golf facility provide a community. Utilize data to tell the true great narrative of your golf course.

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Redesign and reimagine how your golf facility successfully operates. Restore the history and the positive narrative of your golf facility through innovative strategies in systems design.

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Assess and understand how your golf facility operates with regard to economic, environmental, social, and golf experience factors. Utilize innovative data collection strategies to improve your facility’s impact.

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Ye’ll come away from the links with a new hold on life, that is certain if ye play the game with all your heart.
— Shivas Irons (as described by author Michael Murphy)