Community Education & Engagement:

Golf can be an effective teacher and golf courses can be valuable community centers. Explore how through alternative programming and community engagement activities, your golf facility can generate additional revenue streams, grow the users of your facility, and become a pillar of your community.

Photos: [1] Beekeeper ( [2] Park Golf Japan (Anderson) [3] Golfers Only (Anderson) [4] Access (Anderson) [5] Night Golf Japan (Anderson) [6] UMBees (Anderson)


Environmental Stewardship Marketing:

Golf courses are often perceived negatively with regard to environmental issues. Learn how, through data collection and analysis, how your facility can become an environmental leader in your community and the industry and utilize these efforts to increase participation at your facility. Market research indicates that sustainability is of significant value when consumers are making purchasing decisions for goods and services.

Photos: [1] Stimp (Anderson) [2] Phacelia argenta (Anderson) [3] Watering Hole ( [4] Poppies (Anderson) [5] Golf + Bees (Anderson) [6] Fungi (


Restorative Renovation & Reimagining:

Renovation for optimal management, renovation for maximum golfer enjoyment, restoration of community and positive impact, reimagining of the future of golf and the opportunities to promote a successful and positive future. Learn more about how to adapt your golf facility for evolving trends of the game and trends of society.

Photos: [1] Sod (Anderson) [2] Tri-Plexes (Anderson) [3] Reclaimed (Anderson) [4] (Greens Mowing (Anderson) [5] Garden (Anderson) [6] Dozer (Anderson)


Benchmarking & Assessment:

Utilize GPS, drone, and historical data to assess the efficiency of your golf facility in a number of study areas: water use, turfgrass coverage and species, water quality, energy efficiency, nutrient and chemical use, species inventory, community engagement, programming reach, accessibility impact, to name a few. Learn more about how your golf course can increase its positive impact, increase its revenue potential, and decrease costs and resource use.

Photos: [1] Water Quality (Anderson) [2] Heat Map (UMN) [3] Birdhouse (Anderson) [4] Green Turf (Anderson) [5] Weather Station (Anderson)